Nail Cutting

What the Service Offers

We offer a simple nail cutting service to people who are experiencing problems with cutting their toe nails that have undergone changes as a direct result of receiving cancer treatment, or have difficulty cutting their toe nails due to experiencing physical health problems as a direct result of undergoing cancer treatment.

How Does Chemotherapy Affect Toe Nails?

Chemotherapy drugs sometimes cause mild, temporary changes in nails and nail beds. These may include brittleness, grooving, discoloration, change in growth rate, heightened sensitivity and lifting of the nail bed. Some people often find they have difficulty in managing their nail cutting routine during this time.

Accessing the Service

New clients will be asked to attend for an initial assessment, whereupon they will be required to supply information about their medical health, the medication they are taking and their nail health care routine.

Being diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer does not constitute an eligibility criteria on its own and, unfortunately, we will be unable to provide the service to people who suffer from certain medical conditions, prescribed with certain medications or suffer from certain nail and skin conditions.

The service is not available to people who are able to cut their own toe nails, or the presenting condition was pre-existing prior to undergoing cancer treatment. For reasons of Health and Safety, we are unable to provide this service if you are already attending a Podiatrist or Foot Care Specialist.

Should you not fulfil the eligible criteria, your practitioner will offer a clear explanation and if necessary suggest you seek advice from your GP, or from a fully qualified Podiatrist.

There is no charge for the service, however, you will be required to purchase your own nail care kit (which includes quality nail clippers and nail file) at a cost of £7 at the first appointment. Those who wish to continue to use the service will be asked to bring their nail care kit with them to each visit.

If you have foot related problems and want to see a health professional privately, make sure you check that they are registered with the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. The Council only registers professionals who meet their standards for training, professional skills and behaviour.

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