Information Service

The importance of information provision for cancer patients is well documented in the literature. Studies highlight that information on their illness is increasingly important for helping people cope with their cancer by empowering patients, reducing anxiety and enhancing their sense of control and well being. Research commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Relief has suggested that people with cancer need information on treatment and possible side effects, diet, financial assistance and support groups as a core component of their care. There is now increasing focus for patients to be more involved in decisions about their care and treatment. It is therefore important that health professionals have improved access to information resources on cancer to ensure information provision is appropriate and tailored to meet the individual needs of their patients and their families.

To address this need Ayrshire Cancer Support in collaboration with NHS Ayrshire and Arran and Macmillan Cancer Relief has developed an information area in the reception of our Ayr centre. The information area provides clear, accurate, up to date information on individual cancers, treatments, support services, complementary therapies and patient grant/benefits. Visitors can spend time browsing through the leaflets and booklets on display within the centre. Videos and access to the internet can also be provided on request. Centre staff can provide information on national/local support available as well as signposting to other agencies if appropriate.

This ensures a professional information/support service to meet the educational needs of people living with cancer and their families at all stages of the cancer journey and enhances the awareness of the services for health professionals.

If anyone requires more information on this service or would like to visit the information Centre please call our Ayr Centre on 01292 269888 or drop in and talk to one of our centre staff.

For more information on our services call 01563 538008 or Contact Us