Drop In Centre

Louise Graham, our Cancer Nurse Manager would like to welcome you to our Drop In Centre in Kilmarnock.

The Centre is staffed:-
and Friday 9.30-4.00.

Why not come along and see what we can do to help?

Our Drop In Centre is light and airy with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We have a large table next to the garden for friends to chat, quiet library seats for those preferring a more contemplative area and room around our breakfast bar where you can gather for a cuppa and a blether.

Or sit out in the garden and enjoy the fresh air.


We have two therapy rooms available in our popular Kilmarnock Centre where our therapists provide treatments to help:-

  • promote feelings of deep relaxation
  • increase sense of well-being
  • release endorphins which can help with pain relief
  • reduce feelings of stress
  • soothe and relieve muscle tension
  • Improve sleep
  • hypnotherapy, a technique to help people into a deep state of relaxation which can benefit stress relief, help with pain control and even with fears & phobias

We also have a large group room which is used for Support Groups:-

Mindfulness Classes
Reiki Classes
Relaxation Group
Capacitar Training Bereavement Support
and many more.

Come in to see us, we would love to meet you.

For more information on our services call 01563 538008 or Contact Us